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Travel Information

Among all outlying islands near Taiwan island, Little Liuqiu is the closest one to Taiwan island. Hop on the ferry, 20 minutes later, you will arrive to our little tropical island. 

Check below information, you will arrive to Liuqiu easily. If you have any questions, please contact us freely.

How to reach to DongGang Ferry Terminal

Driving by yourself

If you are from north: Take national freeway No.1 southbound to Kaohsiung International Airport. Then, follow provincial highway No. 17 to Donggang Port where you will take the ferry to Liuqiu.


If you are from south (Kenting, or Taitung): Take provincial highway No.26 northbound to Shuidiliao. Then follow provincial highway No.17 to Donggang Port where you will take the ferry to Liuqiu.


You can park in the parking tower ear fish market, or you can park in private parking lot near Donggang port.

Public transportation

From High Speed Rail Zuoying station:

1.    By shuttle: Please go to Exit no. 2 for Taiwan Tourist Shuttle counter. You will take Dapeng Bay Liuqiu Route to Donggang Ferrt Terminal. After you reserve your seat, you can go to platform downstairs. The shuttle will take highway, so non-reserved ticket is not available due to safety reason. And Donggang Ferry Terminal is the first stop after departure.

2.    By Taxi: You can carpool with others who are going to Dongguan ferry terminal as well. Or if you are in group, you can book a taxi just for your group.


From Kaohsiung Train Station:

By Taxi or carpool (this is the most efficient way)


From Kaohsiung International Airport:

By Taxi or carpool (this is the most efficient way)

About Ferry Ticket

Please go to “” ticket counter, and provide below information to the stuff, and your will get your round-trip ferry ticket. (It can be easier if you write below information on paper and show to courter stuff.)

-Guesthouse name: Huagan571_bnb

-Main contact person’s name and phone number

-All passenger’s ID will be required for identification at ticket courter, and also before you get on board


You will receive round-trip ferry ticket on first day. Please keep you return ferry ticket safe.
You will need to buy a new ticket again if you lose the return one.


Ferry ticket is valid for the mentioned date. On that day, you can take any ferry on time table which suits your need.
(There will be extra ferry shifts during peak season.) All seats on ferry are non-reserved.


Please pick up your ferry ticket 30 minutes before ferry departure time.

How To Arrive To  HuaGan 571

The scooter-renting company we cooperate with will contact you one day before your trip. They will ask about when you plan to arrive to Liuqiu for their scooter arrangement. On the trip day, when the ferry departs from Donggang, please call the scooter-renting company, so they can wait at Liuqiu wharf to guide you. (Due to privacy concern, they won’t hold any paper with your name.) And please also send message to Albert after ferry departs, he will wait for your at Huagan571_bnb.

*Due to privacy and security reason, there will not have welcome sign board when you arrived.

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