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About Us

It’s a story about dream, island, and hospitality.

It’s about Huagan571_bnb.

The story of “Hua Gan 571”

HuaGan is the antient name of the area where Huagan571_bnb is located. It was a sunny day with 35 degrees and it was the first time we saw only lots of mango trees on this land. Under the sunshine, we started to imagine how our guesthouse would look like, and how we could build our dreamed guesthouse from scratch.


One and half years after, our guesthouse is ready. We still remember our first sight of the mango trees and where our dream started.


Liuqiu island is a beautiful place where people treasure and appreciate tradition. So we decided to call our guesthouse by the antient name of this land, Huagan571_bnb.

The main structure of our guesthouse is cargo container. The share of container and the way we arrange the containers, those angels, lines, and spaces in between create a geomatic look of our guesthouse.


The architectural concrete design for our outer walls gives our guesthouse a neat looking, but the light grey color also brings sedate feeling.


We preserve a big public outdoor area in our guesthouse, for you to enjoy the sea breeze. The wet footprints left on the wooden platform remind us every step counts.


Blue sky, dazzling sunshine, salty breeze, and Huagan571_bnb
Welcome to your holiday paradise

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